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Modernity in the service of tradition

Cutting edge technology and manual techniques work in harmony for a perfect balance of flavors and a rewarding vineyard experience.

After the manual harvest, the grapes arrive at the cellar in boxes of 20kg, where they are carefully chosen and crushed. They are fermented in stainless steel tanks with a capacity for 8 tons of grapes, equipped with a refrigeration system to ferment at controlled temperatures.

The fermentation takes approximately 8 days, with the help of a modern "robot” that mechanically crushes the grapes. After this stage is finished, the wine goes down to the storage room by gravity with no need to be pumped. This room is equipped with stainless steel vats, each having a capacity of 15.000 litres.

From the resulting wine the best batches are selected and are matured for 12 months in French and American oak barrels (500 litres). The cellar where the wine is then left to rest is equipped with a modern refrigeration/ humidification system that guarantee the ideal conditions for the wine’s development.
The best wines are chosen to spend 12 months in 500 litre barrels of French and American oak. Temperature and humidity control in the barrel cellar ensure the best possible conditions for maturation.

Opening Hours:

Summer: 1st of May until 30th of September
10h30 to 18h30

For safety reasons, during the harvest, visits to the Wine Cellar or participate in experience the wine-tasting activities will be restricted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Winter: 1st of October to 30th of April
From Wednesday to Sunday 10h30 to 17h00
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Visit the wine cellar tasting 2 types of wines of your choice:
Herdade da Comporta Red
Herdade da Comporta White
Herdade da Comporta Rosé
Visit duration 30 minutes.
Price: 3,50 €/p.p. ( VAT included).

Visit the wine cellar tasting 4 types of wines of your choice:
Herdade da Comporta Red
Herdade da Comporta White
Herdade da Comporta Rosé
Parus Red
Parus White
Private Selection Red
Private Selection White
Visit duration 45 minutes.
Price: 7 €/p.p. ( VAT included).
Other than these scheduled times, visits may be arranged according to availability. Group reservations may also be arranged on different hours (minimum of 8 adults). 
Reservations for wine tasting can be served with regional appetizers (bread, cheese, smoked ham, etc) at an extra cost of 5,00€/p.p. (VAT included).

Contact: +351 913 891 438