A Global Programme of Sustainable Development is being developed and will make Herdade da Comporta a high quality tourist destination and a European and worldwide reference in sustainable tourism projects. The three main lines of this programme are:

  • Appraisal of the Natural Heritage
    Herdade da Comporta´s natural features are emphasized by its variety of landscape, which give this region eco-environment qualities that are unique in Europe.
    From the perspective of a sustainable tourism model, the local natural resources are factors od differentiation and competitiveness. Once rehabilitated and appraised they become the driver for the estate´s tourism project.

  • Stimulate the Regional Economy
    Herdade da Comporta intends to continue to diversify its agricultural activity, already present in the rice, wine and horticulture production, in order to follow the new tendencies for a more ecological food production, together with the establishment of the "Herdade da Comporta” brand.
    On the other hand, the economic activity arising from the tourism project offers the conditions necessary to support a strategy of preservation and appraisal of natural heritage.

  • Involve the Community
    One of the Development Programme´s mainstays includes involving the local community through education, training and encouragement to create trade activities.
    The idea is to have the villages working as centres of trade, services, culture and local history, throughout the year.