Rice Museum

Dedication to rice production and the desire to exhibit the traditional culture of the region led to the foundation of the Rice Museum. Here you can go back in time and see the importance of this cereal in the history of the Herdade da Comporta. The museum also contributes to the creation of a lively cultural scene for the local community.

The museum's facilities are located in an old rice mill, dating back to 1952, when Herdade da Comporta first began to process rice. This building has a restaurant also called "The Rice Museum” with a long tradition in the region, offering full catering services. Nearby this mill used to be several workshops, with a collection of tools for carpentry and metalwork, and an ironmonger’s forge, directly or indirectly related to rice cultivation. These workshops were used for equipment maintenance, and provided homes for skilled workers, offices, the cafeteria, the butcher, the bakery, the barbershop, the house sewing, and a church. The workshops were also used for manufacturing tools and vehicles for the crop cultivation and other agricultural activities (livestock and vegetables), for fabrication of moulds for concrete boundary markers, and other official duties. Until the late sixties, the estate’s economy was self-sufficient. Finding themselves far from urban centres and with little means of communication, the close-knitted community continued to live off the land, even as it was being bought by different economic groups.

The creation of this museum is justified for scientific reasons, as well as social, cultural, economic and strategic prospects for the future development of the region. The Museum is an outstanding cultural facility dedicated to the rice production, both as a central theme in understanding the identity of the region, and as a positive factor in the cultural dynamics of local communities.

The Rice Museum is temporarily closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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